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The Process

Ever wonder what happens after you hit the send button? From manuscript to masterpiece, follow your creation along its journey to fruition.



From custom cover design and specialty printing techniques and everything in-between, discover how MyBookPrinter helps your books stand out from the crowd.

Guides & Resources

Spine, bleed and gutters, oh my! Printers have their own vernacular that can often be confusing. That’s why we created a suite of guides and tools to help demystify the lingo. Never again confuse DPI with CMYK.


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Jump into September’s Author Spotlight!

September’s Author Spotlight, featuring a book we printed called “The Parent Companion” by Jonathan Edison! Below features an interview with the author, Jonathan Edison.

MyBookPrinter works with a wide range of authors,
covering many genres.

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Fiction, Non-Fiction and Bios

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Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Graphic Novels

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Magazines and Coloring Books

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Children’s and Game Books

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Art, Photography and Cookbooks

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School Year and Corporate Books

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