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Author Spotlight | April 2022 | David Kane | Patricia Fanning | Keeping the Past: Norwood at 150


Author Spotlight:
Keeping the Past: Norwood at 150

April’s Author Spotlight, featuring a book we printed called “Keeping the Past: Norwood at 150” by Patricia J. Fanning! Below features an interview with the editor and publisher David Kane and author Patricia Fanning.


Featured book: “Keeping the Past: Norwood at 150″ by Patricia J. Fanning

What is Keeping the Past: Norwood at 150 about?

Patricia –
The town of Norwood, Massachusetts was incorporated in 1872; it was originally part of Dedham, which was founded in 1636, and was a fairly homogeneous community at that point. While the town has had a few people who related historical ‘tales,’ the only attempt to write a comprehensive history of Norwood was in 1972 during its centennial. I have spent considerable time researching aspects of the town and felt this 150th celebration was an opportunity to introduce some unique and perhaps unknown events and people to the public.

Can you tell us about an important moment from Norwood’s history that is highlighted in this book?

Patricia –
I wouldn’t say there was one important “moment” that is highlighted in the book. There are many national events that are reflected in the history of Norwood: large-scale immigration and industrialization and the economic stratification it brought, the 1918 influenza epidemic, the Palmer raids of 1920, McCarthyism in the 1950s, each had a significant impact on the town. Most residents were unaware of Norwood’s place in these events. The arrival of various ethnic groups and their contributions to the town has a place in this book and, for the first time, the amazing history of Norwood’s first black residents is told. Norwood’s story is America’s story and I tried to demonstrate that.

What part of the process did you find the most enjoyable with this book?

David –
We have been interested in approaching the town local history market for some time, and when this opportunity presented itself, the timing was perfect. Coincidentally, we have a personal connection to Norwood via some ancestral ties, and after reviewing the quality of the writing we knew we had to publish the book.


How did MyBookPrinter help your 
vision become a reality?

David –
The email interactions between staff at MyBookPrinter were quick and easy. Responses were knowledgeable and forthcoming, which instilled confidence in our choice. Pricing was very reasonable, and the quality of the book finished book was beyond expectations. The MBP website interface was very user friendly, and the invoicing format was easy to understand.

All in all, we were very pleased with all aspects of the printing process with MBP, and we’d use the company again.

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