Our goal is your 100% satisfaction

We strive to establish and maintain an honest and productive relationship with every one of our customers. To that end, we do things a bit differently:

Our main production plant is in Madison Heights, MI and we have been in business for over 45 years. We work very hard to make book ordering a painless experience. We are always available via email, or you can call us during regular business hours (EST).

A truly novel concept. This is what keeps our customers returning again and again which leads us to….

We strive to treat each order as if our entire business relies on it because it does.

Although we can help with many of the same services a vanity press provides, we will not make you pay upfront “agent fees” to get your book printed, nor will you receive high pressure sales calls from our staff.

You own the entire rights of your book and maintain complete control over it including copyrights. You keep all the profits and royalties associated with your books.

Your manuscript and artwork are yours, not ours. If at anytime you require obtaining your original files, you can always email us or call us during regular business hours (EST) to have them retrieved.

Our customers are diverse. Which one are you?

You’ve written, re-written, revised, tweaked
and polished and at last it is done. So,
umm…now what? Start here!

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You work with multiple authors and
you aren’t afraid of the vendor relationship.
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