Author Spotlight | November 2022 | Edward Sarkis Balian | Turn the Page the Bob Seger Story


Author Spotlight:
Turn the Page The Bob Seger Story by Edward Sarkis Balian

November’s Author Spotlight, featuring a book we printed called “Turn the Page the Bob Seger Story” by Edward Sarkis Balian! Below features an interview with the author, Edward Sarkis Balian.


Featured book: “Turn the Page the Bob Seger Story” by Edward Sarkis Balian

What is “Turn the Page the Bob Seger Story” about?

The personal and career life of rock legend, Bob Seger. The only Bob Seger biography ever written. The book took over two years to compile and write, contains over 240 footnotes from documented sources, has 24 full color pages, and is over 260 pages. All books are author-signed and with unique serial number and “Seger” imprint cut-stamp applied.

What will readers be the most shocked to hear about Bob Seger?

Many things: His early life in poverty; his start in the music industry; his over 50-year relationships with Punch Andrews, and Glen Frye (Eagles), and many inside stories within his “roller-coaster” career. For Bob Seger, it was NOT smooth sailing to the top!

What was the most exciting about writing this book?

The deep research on Seger.


How did MyBookPrinter help your vision become a reality?

Excellent experience with Whitlock; great final product and superb, personalized customer service, and USA MADE!


Do you have upcoming events or shows?

The author has to date conducted over 45 Seger book shows at libraries in Michigan, Florida, and California, with more shows always being scheduled. Seger fans should contact their local libraries and ask them to contact us at the website listed below.

Where can you learn more about “Turn the Page” and Edward Sarkis Balian?

Bob Seger Story


Book Website

Author Website

Where can you buy “Turn the Page the Bob Seger Story”?