Author Spotlight | September 2022 | Jonathan Edison | The Parent Companion


Author Spotlight:
The Parent Companion by Jonathan Edison

September’s Author Spotlight, featuring a book we printed called “The Parent Companion” by Jonathan Edison! Below features an interview with the author, Jonathan Edison.


Featured book: “The Parent Companion” by Jonathan Edison

What is “The Parent Companion” about?

“The Parent Companion” is a super dictionary for parents. We put everything school and homework related, including the kitchen sink. English, language arts, math section, and a biology section just to name a few.

We pride ourselves on having a thorough guide if you’re a parent, of what you may have forgotten in grade school. For example, what is a polynomial, right angle, or how to create a sentence. In addition, it comes with a bonus text language section with over 1,000 text acronyms that students use.

How has the feedback been from the parents?

Our customer base is largely school principals and or directors of education. When the school administration sees the book they think, “Oh my God, we need that for our parents!”. The feedback has been from people reviewing the book and then providing the book to the parents within their school districts and committees. Therefore, many of our sales are from school administration and parent organization meetings. We sell very few books from what we call “person to person”.

Pontiac schools purchased several thousand books and gave them out to parents, and then invited me to host a workshop lecture series for the parents. The feedback at these events from parents is more often how much information and subject matter they have forgotten.

Looking at some third-grade or even second-grade homework parents don’t understand what the material means. At this specific workshop, I taught the parents about what their learning styles are. Then after they know their learning style, they can work with their children based on their child’s learning style to help them with homework. Parents can also take this information and partner with their child’s teachers, to make sure their child is getting the best education they possibly can.

What part of the writing process did you find the most enjoyable with this book?

Finding a use for my thesis outside of my master’s program, which is about learning styles. It took six months to put my thesis together. Taking what I knew then and expanding on that knowledge to then teaching someone else and enlightening them with what I’ve learned, was the most fascinating part for me.


How did MyBookPrinter help your vision become a reality?

“The Parent Companion” is in three different languages, Haitian Creole, English, and Spanish. I’ve been working with MyBookPrinter for quite some time, around a decade now. You guys are amazing, for both new and veteran authors.

When I had a commission for a Florida school district. They originally wanted 5 thousand copies of the book in Haitian Creole. I contacted MyBookPrinter to then place and finalize the order. The customer come back and said, “Actually we only need 50 copies right now.” I called MyBookPrinter back to try and change the number of copies needed. The MyBookPriner representative was easily able to change the order from 5 thousand copies to 50 and got the books to me in no time. You can’t do that with a lot of printing companies. You can easily communicate by sending an email and get a prompt response time, you don’t have to call and talk to anyone. Even placing the orders and reordering you can do all of that from

MyBookPrinter has been amazing for me to sell my books and wares in the market. I can do all of this without having to invest thousands of dollars.

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