Author Spotlight


August 2022 Spotlight

Featuring Adam Harris’s book: “One Michigan Moment in Time”, where we interview author, Adam Harris!

July 2022 Spotlight

Featuring Steven C. Adelson’s book: “Little Bighorn Voices from A Distant Wind”, where we interview publisher, Kathryn Burke!

June 2022 Spotlight

Featuring Erin Ptah’s book: “Leif & Thorn Volume 4: Blazing Stars”, where we interview author and illustrator, Erin Ptah!

May 2022 Spotlight

Featuring Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation’s book: “Goodnight Bartlesville”, where we interview Executive Director of Bartlesville Public Schools Foundation, Blair Ellis!

April 2022 Spotlight

Featuring Patricia Fanning’s book: “Keeping the Past: Norwood at 150”, where we interview editor and publisher David Kane and author Patricia Fanning!

March 2022 Spotlight

Vicki Riske's book called, "Fishy Tales".
Featuring Vicki Riske’s book: “Fishy Tales”, where we interview the author and illustrator, Vicki Riske!

February 2022 Spotlight

Kwame Salter's book called: "Being The Boss When It's Black Over White".
Featuring Kwame Salter’s book: “Being The Boss When It’s Black Over White”, where we interview the author Kwame Salter and editor Janice Fenn!

January 2022 Spotlight

Featuring Kathie Fiveash’s book: “Island Naturalist”, where we interview the editor and project manager of Penobscot Books, Caroline Spear!