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Author Spotlight:
One Michigan Moment in Time by Adam Harris

August’s Author Spotlight, featuring a book we printed called “One Michigan Moment in Time” by Adam Harris! Below features an interview with the author, Adam Harris.


Featured book: “One Michigan Moment in Time” by Adam Harris

What is “One Michigan Moment in Time” about?

I wanted to chronicle my experience in undergrad at the University of Michigan Dearborn.

For more than a decade now, I’ve become a mentor for many students throughout Detroit. In addition to my mentoring efforts in Detroit, I’ve talked with students throughout the country who are pursuing college and higher education. I find that many of the students that I work with aspire to a better life that they desire to live and lead; however, they need guidance and assistance in getting there. I also work as a professional in higher education, and I wanted to provide an account to my personal experience and journey through undergrad, and give some tips and wisdom on how to be successful while going through the process of college. That’s what the book is about.

I’ve also added some inspirational material, including poems and affirmation statements to keep students motivated on the journey. These are some of the same techniques and tips that I used while I was on campus in undergrad as a student leader. I wanted to provide a full account of my experience and things that helped me be successful.

Why did you want to write this book? What message did you want to share with your audience?

I have nieces who are getting ready to go to college in the fall. During their last years in high school, I found myself reflecting back on my college journey and sharing with them what they needed to know to be successful in college. I know that they look up to me, and they appreciate the work I do in higher education. They have seen me talk to many students around metro Detroit, and around the country as well. I wanted to share with them what helped me thrive, so that those lessons and principles could help them thrive. I also wanted my journey to help others who are preparing to enter college as well.

In my book, I share 10 keys for college success. There are also principles and lessons that I call the “Fab Five” lessons, which are related to my mindset at U of M. I also discuss my inspiration to do a great deal of community service throughout metro Detroit. Lastly, I share a list of people who motivated me and helped me along my journey, and the importance of having mentors.

This book is a blueprint for student success and a book for everyday living. However, it was intentionally made for anyone pursuing the college experience in the future. I wanted to make sure students have guidance, wisdom, and information that can help them be successful.

What part of the writing process did you find the most enjoyable with this book?

This is my third book, so I’ve been through the writing process and publishing process before. This certainly won’t be the last book that I publish. I have two children’s books that I will publish in the future. I’m also writing a new book that has a lot to do with social-emotional learning and growth mindset training.

What I enjoy most about the writing is a process in that you must be patient with yourself because in my mind I had a variety of topics I was trying to communicate, then I needed to find how to transcribe the information so it can reach the intended audience. In the book I share lessons and principles I have learned along my journey. It’s one thing for me to know these lessons; how the principles of hard work, commitment, and diligence have helped me. However, to transcribe it for others and to have your audience understand it makes writing an interesting process. The process itself allowed me to reflect and gather my thoughts from a specific moment in my life, and I enjoyed being able to self-reflect. Patience was key, and completing this process during the pandemic was also an experience within itself.

You were awarded the Spirit of Detroit Award not only because of your book but for all the work you do for the city, can you go into more detail?

Honestly, I’m humbled. People who know me, know I’m a very low-key person. I’m still getting used to the attention of being an author and what it means. Even this interview, when I got the email, I was humbled by the opportunity and that someone wanted to highlight the book.

I do a lot of work in the city of Detroit. It feels like hometown for me, but it also feels like ground zero for serving people that can benefit from the work I do. I’m a believer in the Christian faith. I want to make sure I am doing the most I can with my life and the time I’m given to help as many people that I possibly can.

Detroit has gone through many ups and downs, from the economy to the housing market. There are families who are in the need of resources, and children who need better educational opportunities. I’ve spent a great deal of my time, giving my knowledge, my skills, and my passion to help young people in the city as well as families. I even decided to get my counseling degree from the University of Detroit Mercy because they were doing pro bono work to help Detroit families in need. Service is a part of my life and my heart work.

I’ve helped a variety of organizations, such as 100 Black Men of Greater Detroit and the Midnight Golf Program, a renowned youth-serving program in Detroit as a volunteer and mentor. I’ve served on different committees as well as worked with individuals of the Detroit City Council. I have met so many people making a difference every day that I am proud to say that I have been able to work with them.

In short, the honor is very humbling. I would also say that the honor for me just means that I’m connected to a group of people who are striving to make Detroit a better place. I don’t look at it as an individual award but as a shared experience with a group of people who are constantly lifting youth and families up within the city of Detroit.


How did MyBookPrinter help your vision become a reality?

This is the first time I printed with MyBookPrinter. I got two recommendations for your company. I was also looking for a printer that I could use locally. In the past, I’ve gone through printers that were outside of the state, which would cost more with shipping. I wanted to use one that was right here in the state of Michigan that would allow me the opportunity, if I needed, to print in bulk and then be able to pick up the books myself. This would also eliminate the shipping and handling costs.

In terms of service, MyBookPrinter has been amazing, to say the least. Sam Yamin, the CEO, is on the board of the Metro Detroit Youth Club. I grew up being a part of the Boys and Girls Club, which is the former name of the organization (MDYC), which aided in the process of the person I am today. In the process of printing my book, I’m very thankful to say that Sam and Ellen contributed to the process and made sure that the quality of my experience was a great one.

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